About us

The firm’s hesdquarters are in Donja Zimča, 5 km from Visoko to Kakanj. “Suša commerce” d.o.o. today is a contempory firm with a busines reputation, which has the resources necessary for further tehnological development and strengthening; starting from agrarical, over material to personal resources.
The founder of the firm, Meho Suša, together with his sons Osman and Mahir, todays firm whose strategy is foodproduction, has established it 15 years ago. At a time risky for a private business, he had started a gamily business in smoked meat production, wich in this area has a centuries long tradition. He has modernised and expand this type of production and has made his own resources for the realisation of the same – from enlarging the firm’s own land surface, to rounding up the whole production cycle and affirmation of import-export business.

“Suša commerce” d.o.o. is a respectasble business subject and a leader in it’s activity, which has a perspective and a future.